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Garito & Company is a boutique, full-service, Commercial real estate brokerage firm with a service line devoted to Hotel and hospitality Properties.

Brokerage Services

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Selling Hotels

Garito and Company knows the goal is to sell your hotel for the highest price possible with a simple process and the most favorable terms. We will work with you to design a marketing strategy that best represents your property. We are excited to guide you through the entire process, from listing to closing.
Whether you have a 40-room owner operated property or a 400-room property on the beach, we have a large network of national and international buyers looking for hotels to buy, either to operate or as an investment.


Buying a Hotel

Garito & Company can help you find the best property that will meet all of your goals for investment. We have an extensive database of both on and off market properties where you can start your search. Our years of experience in the hotel industry ensures you won’t ever have to worry if you’ve paid too much for a property or investment.

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Exchange Services

Garito and Company makes doing 1031 exchanges as smooth, simple, and streamlined as possible. We work with 3rd party professionals with years of experience in all aspects of exchanges or with your people, whatever you want. We can help you locate the perfect property to acquire even before you have sold. For whatever need, wherever you are in the process, we can help.

Sell Your Property

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Selling Property

Garito & Company can help you by developing a marketing strategy to find the most qualified and aggressive buyers. Our extensive network of buyers includes national and international buyers and brokers that are actively seeking investments. We assist you in all aspects of the process from our initial consultation to closing. Our goal is to get you the best price on your deal at the best terms and make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Sell Your Property


Buying Property

Garito & Company can help you through the process of finding the ideal investment for your acquisition needs and we represent you throughout the purchase process. We can help you identify a property with our database of on-market and off-market deals. We also provide assistance with all steps of the transaction including any 1031 or any other need you may have to help you reach your investment goals.

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Exchange Services

Garito & Company can help you with your 1031 Exchange regardless of where you are in the process. We can help identify replacement properties even before we begin to list your property on the market. Our third-party partners can help assist with various parts of the transaction. Regardless of where you are in your process we can help you successfully complete your exchange.

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Our philosophy is to keep our goals in-line with yours whether it is helping you maximize your returns selling your existing property or assisting you in finding the ideal investment.

Sell Your Property With Us

Hire a trustworthy and aggressive team to help meet your investment goals

Sell Your Property

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Access to Active Buyers

We have an extensive data base of qualified buyers looking for a specific size, class, or flag of hotels in a particular area or state. Also, we use the most sophisticated technology available today to list and distribute property information to potential buyers around the globe. By utilizing our services, you’ll save an enormous amount of time not having to sift through potential buyers who have no intention of paying your price and end up costing you money.


Marketing Strategy

We will analyze your property and develop a marketing strategy specific to your needs and wants. This will contain multiple marketing pieces including flyers, a spot on our website, weekly email blasts, social media features, and much more.

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Negotiations & Closing

Need help navigating everything that goes into negotiations? We’ve got you covered. We help you qualify buyers, get and review offers, negotiate terms and conditions of offers. Our main focus will always be on the prize: getting you a successful closing!

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Our team has ample experience to help serve you in any of your real estate needs.

Buyer Brokerage

Let us help you find the ideal investment property to meet your needs

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Exclusive Representation

Our goal as your exclusive representative is simple: Find the best hotel for your needs at the best price, period. When buying a hotel, you need an agent that represents you fairly and with integrity. Garito and Company will be an extension of you and will represent you in the same way we would want to be represented, as a serious, selective buyer looking to purchase that perfect property for our needs at a fair price!

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No Out of Pocket Commission

With us representing you as the buyer’s agent, the seller will typically pay our commission. Keep in mind we know that getting offers, negotiating on your behalf, marketing, qualifying, etc., are all expenses. The only thing that pays is closing the transaction. And, even then, you won’t pay us a dime!

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Access to Off Market Properties

Through our extensive relationships with many hotel flags we have access to many hotel properties that are not listed anywhere. By exclusively representing you we can reach out to our relationships and find the ideal hotel property that fits your exact needs.

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While our team has “big company” reach and experience, we pride ourselves on providing the intimate level of attention that our clients deserve.

1031 Exchanged Simplified

Let us help you in simplify the 1031 process

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Garito & Company will you by creating an aggressive marketing campaign for your existing property while identifying possible replacements. Timing is critical and we will work for you to have as many potential replacement properties as possible when we get your asset under contract.

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Identifying Replacements

It is always best to identify replacement properties as soon as possible but we can step in and assist you in finding properties regardless of where you are in your identification process. Early in the process, we will discuss the market dynamics and what types of properties are available to meet your needs. If you are facing deadlines we are ready to step in and assist in performing broad market searches and narrowing down on specific properties that may work for you.

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Third Parties

Garito and Company can work with your attorney and 1031 intermediary or we can help you in your search for trusted advisors. Having a cohesive team will make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. We also have partners in financing, capital markets, auction services and other service providers that are available to help assist in almost any transaction.